Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Arkansas White Trash of the Day

We're surprised she doesn't have a tattoo of a cherry.

Yes, we know that our blog post title is oxymoronic.  "Arkansas white trash" is kind of like saying "jumbo shrimp", "living dead", or "intelligent Obama supporter".  However, in Nicole's defense, she's originally from Texas.

Oh, there it is.

Nicole is 21, unemployed, has no car, and has two kiddos from two different daddies.  Well, actually she only has one kid at the moment- she's not expecting unplanned bundle of joy #2 until June.  So, if you've ever wanted to hook up with a pregnant welfare recipient with more baggage than the Samsonite factory, send her a message.... just don't push for naked pictures, since she insists that she doesn't send nude photos (at least not until you take her out for a romantic dinner at Arby's).

User: Nicole.100810
Site: Plentyoffish
Location: Crossett, AK
Headline: "Starting a new life (well trying to)"


dancin, races, tattoos, piercings, rodeos

In her own words:

Hello I'm Nicole I'm 21 years old and a single mom I have a lil girl who is 2 and I am pregnant due at the end of June with another little girl I just moved to crossett Arkansas from Dallas Texas yes it's a big change I don't know many people other than my cousin. My 2 yearolds dad is in the picture but this one I'm pregnant with isn't in the picture no I'm not looking for a dad for her.

I'm not lookin for a hook up nor will I send u nudes or any thing like that

(view her profile here)

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